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When you are buying used auto parts online, you must take some important points into consideration.

You must inquire about the mileage of the vehicle. This will let you know about the donor vehicle from where your used auto parts are coming from. This will impact the quality and chances of being worn. 

Have a look at the picture of the vehicle the used part came from. This will prevent the hassle of dealing with customer service on a return. 

You should know the VIN number so that you can call the local auto dealership and have them check all the part numbers that came from the donor vehicle with your own for a match. 

Use the VIN number and get a Carfax report. This will tell you the mileage of the donor vehicle when it was salvaged. This is an important protection for ensuring mileage on important parts. 

Every part should have a warranty. You can look for junkyards with 30 day/ 6 months, or 1 year warranty. You must be aware of the policy of warranty and if self-install can be made or you need a certified mechanic.