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We are proud to say that at King’s Auto Part, we offer a standard 90 days warranty on all parts and an extended warranty of up to 6 months to 24 months on engines and transmissions. The parts warranty cannot be transferred and only applies to original purchasers.

We offer a one-time replacement of the part that failed. Your part must be installed within 45 days of delivery.

The warranty period will auto-activate from the delivery date of the unit, as recorded by the shipping carrier’s documentation indicating the purchaser’s delivery acceptance.

During the Warranty Period we will replace  the part at our option or refund your money for a part that proves defective under normal use and maintenance.. You will be responsible to return the part with the original invoice to us properly packed and secured for shipping. Once we receive the part we will check it for our original markings, and proceed processing of your warranty claim.​

*Engines: are guaranteed against knocking and excessive smoking. Engine warranties are limited to defects in the block, heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers, and oil pumps. All other parts if included are considered accessories or extra parts. While engines may come with additional accessories, they are not always guaranteed with every shipment and are not covered under warranty. Components NOT covered under warranty include all bolt-on accessories, electrical control modules, wiring, sensors or ancillary items that may have been inadvertently shipped with the unit. Warranty is voided if engines heat tab is melted or removed.

Transmissions: are warrantied to be in good working order against any slippage or shifting failures. Any accessories such as but not limited to: modulators, governors, electrical control modules, linkage, mounts, seals, gaskets or fluids are NOT covered under warranty.*

To initiate a warranty claim please first contact us by email, documenting the problem or the circumstance of the part failure.​